About To Dining

Pronounced "Toh," for the Japanese word "and,"

we are a collective of top Japanese chefs

ready to create, collaborate and travel.

To Diningは日本のトップシェフにより演出される至高のディナーで世界が未だ知らない日本の素晴らしい食文化を広めるのを目標としています。

    Chris and I were first introduced to the seemingly insular Japanese dining scene through our friend Yuzuru Kajiya of Kajiya Farms who produces most of the organic edible flowers, herbs and leafy greens served in the top restaurants throughout the country. While getting to know the chefs over late night drinks, birthday parties and the occasional hip hop concert, it was clear that these chefs were not insular at all but only seemed so because of their humility, intentional lack of self promotion, very hands-on involvement in their restaurants, requiring long hours and no vacations. Quite the opposite, they are adventurers, thrill seekers and experience hunters like the rest of us and were only further emboldened in their desire for travel after hearing of our adventures.

     Then one day Chris and I came up with a plan for producing dining events abroad - a plan that would bridge the lifestyle gap between two groups of friends, quench the chefs’ desire for travel, inspiration and growth while supplementing them with the income necessary to offset the opportunity cost of vacating his kitchen. For an extra good time, Sam suggested we travel with at least two chefs not only to create a one-of-a-kind collaborative meal but also to build on our friendship through shared experiences, storytelling and content creation.

     From these values we named our group after the Japanese word と (pronounced ‘toh’) meaning “and/with”. 

- Chris & Sam

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