Who We Are

Pronounced "Toh," for the Japanese word "and/with,"

we manage and represent top Japanese chefs, producers and artisans

curating bespoke dining events around the world. 


What We Offer

- Source top levels chefs, artisans, producers from Japan

- Food and beverage related event production and operation

- Content curation based on dining events

- Restaurant management and marketing consulting

 Contact us at info@to-dining.com 



Udatsu Sushi と Somoza 

Dec 2018

  • client:  Private Gathering

  • venue: Somoza Gallery in Niseko, Hokkaido

  • chef: Chef Udatsu from Udatsu Sushi, Nakameguro , Tokyo

Teruzushi activation at Spring Studios

Summer 2019

  • client:  Mastercard & Spring Studios

  • venue: Spring Studios, Tribecca, NYC

  • chef: Chef Taka Watanabe of Teruzushi, Kitakyushu

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